LQIP-2 – Build a Dune dashboard for LUSD, LQTY & bLUSD yield opportunities [3k LUSD]

LQIP-2 – Build a Dune dashboard for LUSD & LQTY yield opportunities [3k LUSD]

1. Goals

Provide a comprehensive resource where users can explore all yield opportunities for LUSD, LQTY & bLUSD on mainnet and L2s.

2. Benefit & Impact

The yield dashboard will help Liquity to

  • The dashboard will act as a guide for yield opportunities and showcase the available use cases
  • Provide always up to date data and showcasing the growing ecosystem
  • Users will be able to easily compare yields and decide which option matches their risk profile the best.

This will attract more TVL for these yield opportunities and thus, increase liquidity on DEXs, borrowing markets, etc.

3. Context

There are more and more yield opportunities in the Liquity ecosystem but for the users it gets harder and harder to stay on top of these opportunities.

In the past some of these yield opportunities were very attractive but didn’t attract as much TVL as they could have. I want to close that gap with the yield Dune dashboard.

4. Scope & Deliverables

I will build a Dune dashboard which will showcase all yield opportunities for LUSD, LQTY and bLUSD. These are the 18 yield sources I plan to cover with TVL & APR metrics and charts:

  • LUSD Stability Pool APR (Ethereum)
  • LQTY Staking APR (Ethereum)
  • LUSD/3CRV Curve LP APR (Ethereum)
  • LUSD D4 Saddle LP APR (Ethereum)
  • LQTY/WETH Uniswap V3 LP APR (Ethereum)
  • LUSD/USDC Uniswap V3 LP APR (Ethereum)
  • LUSD/DAI Uniswap V3 LP APR (Ethereum)
  • LUSD Euler Lending APR (Ethereum)
  • LQTY Pickle Staking APR (Ethereum)
  • bLUSD/LUSD3CRV Curve LP APR (Ethereum)
  • bLUSD/USDC Uniswap V3 LP APR (Ethereum)
  • LUSD/USDC Velodrome LP APR (Optimism)
  • LUSD/sUSD Velodrome LP APR (Optimism)
  • LUSD/MAI Velodrome LP APR (Optimism)
  • LUSD/WETH Camelot LP APR (Arbitrum)
  • LUSD Aave V2 Lending APR (Ethereum)
  • LQTY/WETH Solidly LP APR (Ethereum)
  • LUSD/WETH Solidly LP APR (Ethereum)

I will comment on my code so that other users understand the logic behind my queries.

I will keep it up to date for 12 months if there are bugs or changes.

5. Timeline

  • Feb. 10th: I will deliver the dashboard
  • Feb. 17th: User can provide feedback
  • Feb. 24th: I will incorporate the changes and deliver the finalized dashboard

6. Dependencies

I will need feedback from users about the list of yield sources and the dashboard. Either on a I suggest to do this on a Discord channel or TG group.

7. Ask & Payment

I estimate that this will take me 60 hours to complete and I am asking for a budget of 3000 LUSD.

8. References & Useful Links

I am an experienced Dune wizard and have built similar dashboards in the past. I have the capability and resources to deliver this dashboard on time. Please refer to my Dune profile below. I am happy to answer any further questions.

My Dune profile: @murathan


Hello @0xMurathan, and thanks for the well-articulated and highly-needed proposal!

Indeed, LUSD and LQTY are quickly gathering integrations across DeFi: over the last year, more than a dozen new services started to support LUSD/LQTY, so a dashboard like the one you suggest is indeed uber needed to quickly help LUSD/LQTY holders get a lay of the land of the yield opportunities on both token.

I have one question:
Does your proposal and asked funding include the addition of additional yield sources? You mentioned that you would keep the dashboard up to date for 12 months, but I wanted to know if that includes adding the additional yield source obtained during the period.

Also, in terms of existing yield sources, your list is pretty exhaustive, but if not too time-consuming, you could consider adding the following already live additional sources that are not part of your list:

  1. For all the Curve yield sources you mention, are you factoring in the base Curve yield? Or is it the Convex one, usually more attractive?
  2. LUSD/FRAXBP Curve LP APR (Ethereum) — careful can be either on Convex-Curve directly or Convex-Frax for additional FXS yield (so 2 variants)
  3. bLUSD APR (just holding it)
  4. bLUSD Rebond APR (both are already computed in other Dune Dashboards so it’s just about fetching the data on yours)
  5. LUSD/USD+ On Velodrome, which is also currently the top paying LUSD stableswap pool on Velodrome
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Hey, @tokenbrice!
Thank you for bringing up these additional yield sources.
To answer your question, yes, my proposal and requested funding do include the addition of additional yield sources as they become available if it is one of the protocols on the list. I understand the importance of keeping the dashboard up to date and providing a comprehensive view of yield opportunities for LUSD, bLUSD & LQTY holders.

Regarding the Curve yield sources, I’ll factor in both CRV emission and trading volumes for particular pools. I will definitely consider adding the LUSD/FRAXBP Curve LP APR (Ethereum) and bLUSD APR and Rebond APR, as well as the LUSD/USD+ on Velodrome. I appreciate your suggestions and will take them into account as I continue to develop and update the dashboard.

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