LQIP-14 - Featuring Liquity in the largest German crypto magazine [400 LUSD]

LQIP-14 - Featuring Liquity in the largest German crypto magazine [400 LUSD]

1. Goals

The goal is to educate people in the crypto-space about Liquity and the power of decentralized loans by publishing an educational article about it in the largest German-speaking crypto magazine called “BTC-Echo”.

2. Benefit & Impact

The BTC-Echo magazine has more than 10.000 monthly readers. Since I’m cooperating with BTC-Echo, I’m allowed to publish an article in the magazine for July 2023.

An ad in this magazine typically costs a minimum of 4.000 €.
I’m not writing an ad, though. This will not be a salesy promotion.

It’s going to be an educational article about decentralized loans with Liquity as the main example. It’ll explain:

  • How it works
  • All the benefits
  • Real life use cases (e.g. buying car, house)
  • Possible risks

I honestly can’t think of a more legit, high quality platform to educate people about Liquity and decentralized loans in all German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland).

3. Context

Liquity and its decentralized loans are a no-brainer in my opinion.
Hence, it’s only a matter of educating people about it.

4. Scope & Deliverables

  • Article length: 1000 - 1500 words
  • I’ll promote the article on all my social media platforms (YouTube, Twitter, Newsletter)

5. Timeline

  • 01.06: Sending in the finished article.
  • 01.07: Article gets published in magazine.

6. Dependencies


7. Ask & Payment

I’m asking for a budget of 400 LUSD.
No upfront funding is required.

Wallet address: 0xf6822c5aaa4534dfd8e07bb7a5adcd887b1f32c7

8. References & Useful Links

FYI: My previous proposal (LQIP-3) is still ongoing. I’ll share all the results once it’s done. :slightly_smiling_face: