LQIP-13 - LUSD Risk Dashboard [5000 LUSD]

LQIP-13 - LUSD Risk Dashboard [5000 LUSD]


We propose to build a dashboard that will allow benchmarking risk metrics for LUSD against comparable assets.

This tool is intended to be used by risk managers, and aims to increase visibility and adoption of LUSD on lending protocols.


LUSD is currently a big underdog in the lending space, especially given how LUSD held during the recent USDC depeg event.

This dashboard will help risk managers get access to crucial information that is not obtainable anywhere else, not even on Dune. Ultimately, this means LUSD can be onboarded as collateral more easily on protocols that don’t already have it as collateral. Risk parameters can be also tuned more precisely, making LUSD lending and borrowing more secure.

Here’s an example use of this data: Vesta - ARB collateral onboarding


Warden Finance is a risk & analytics platform for DeFi. We help protocols and users manage risk by providing comprehensive exploration and simulation tooling.

Using the tools, Warden Finance team has been providing risk recommendations as such:

We’ve also helped the Olympus team build a similar dashboard to what’s being proposed here, which they are tracking regularly to assess performance indicators for OHM. (OHM Token | Warden Finance)

Scope & Deliverables

Deliverable will be a dashboard, in a similar fashion as OHM Token | Warden Finance.

The dashboard will provide the following information about LUSD:

  • Real-time + historical slippage over any trade pair
  • Real-time + historical breakdown of DEX pools that hold the asset and total liquidity
  • Block-precise historical skew between oracle price and market price + worst historical skew
  • Ability to benchmark all of those indicators against comparable assets (USDC, DAI, FRAX, …)


The integration will be available within 4 weeks of the proposal passing, payment will be due upon delivery.

Ask & Payment

Budget: 5000 LUSD

Receiving address: 0xD513d45d3E6bCA97CB8e9cF840979273972DaC90 (Ethereum mainnet)