LQIP - 12 - Ambassador for Liquifrens [1500 LUSD]

LQIP-12 – Ambassador for Liquifrens [1500 LUSD]

1. Goals

Renew my ambassadorship for the Liquifrens program

2. Benefit & Impact

An ambassador will

  • increase awareness of the program
  • facilitate a healthy community discussion to identify the best opportunities
  • ensure qualitative proposals
  • follow up on snapshot process

3. Context

My goal as an ambassador has been to make Liquifrens a success. Of the 11 proposals presented in this forum I have helped and fostered many of them. I will continue fostering constructive discussions and strive to integrate more.

Liquifrens program is still in its infancy but it has shown how many opportunities are there.

4. Scope & Deliverables

In my role as an ambassador I continue to devote 8-10h per week to

  • Moderate: answer questions from users and make sure we have constructive discussions
  • Support: help users to increase the quality of their proposal and ensure adherence to the proposal framework
  • Promote: help spread the word, attract great contributors, and foster ideation of new proposals
  • Facilitate the process: define clear timeline, ensure communication of the timeline to LiquiFrens on social media, set up Snapshot vote

5. Timeline

The proposed budget will cover my work from May to Juy 2022

6. Dependencies

Permissions for Discourse, Discord and Snapshot

7. Ask & Payment

1500 LUSD will be allocated for the position which will be paid at the start of the current period

8. References & Useful Links




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