LQIP-11 - Liquity community conference during Prague Blockchain Week 2023 [2500 LUSD]

LQIP-11 - Liquity community conference during Prague Blockchain Week 2023 [2500 LUSD]

1. Goals

The goal is to organize a half-day IRL community conference dedicated purely to the Liquity protocol and its ecosystem for approximately 100-150 people within Prague Blockchain Week 2023 (PBW23), which will take place June 2-11 in Prague, Czech Republic.

We would like to reach out to important people around Liquity and offer them the opportunity to speak at this conference.

This conference should raise awareness of the Liquity Protocol, offer a meeting & discussion opportunity to all its users, supporters and contributors, but also reach and educate the general public.

2. Benefit & Impact

Each event included in the PBW23 agenda has the potential to reach thousands of people who will come to Prague. As a conference, it will be included in the main listing and catalogue together with ETHPrague, BTCPrague, Prague DeFi Summit, Web3Privacy and other big events.

Prague Blockchain Week will promote this event for free on its social networks and other channels.

We would also heavily promote the conference on our Gwei.cz Twitter account.

3. Context

Prague Blockchain Week is one of the largest cryptocurrency decentralized gatherings in the world. During the 10 days, conferences, hackathons and other events are held focusing on specific blockchains (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cosmos, Polkadot…), but also on chain-agnostic phenomena such as Metaverse, DeSci, DAO, regulations, privacy and more. The biggest names in cryptocurrency, hundreds of developers and thousands of cryptocurrency fans will be in Prague.

I’m Tree. Founder of the Czech Ethereum community Gwei.cz, coordinator of Prague Blockchain Week, main organizer of ETHBrno and Web3Privacy Summit. So I have a lot of experience in organizing events. As a big fan and supporter of Liquity since day 1, i would love to support the protocol this way.

Our Gwei.cz community and its members have been promoting the Liquity Protocol for a long time. Our community also promotes the idea of a Czech decentralized stablecoin dCZK, which should be based on Liquity - so we have people in the Czech Republic who know Liquity well.

So, supporting the community conference in Prague as part of the decentralized PBW23 will be a great opportunity to show that Liquity cares about decentralization & community.

4. Scope & Deliverables

Conference details:

  • Date range: Jun 2 - 11, 2023
  • Duration approximately 4-5 hours (~ 3-4 talks)
  • approx 100-150 attendees
  • Free admission
  • English language
  • basic catering
  • We would like all lectures to be recorded and then posted on social networks (if possible)

Example of topics of talks or panels:

  • Introduction to Liquity
  • History & future of Liquity
  • Introduction of community tools
  • Comparison with competitors, or within broader ecosystem

Target audience:

  • people who want to learn about Liquity
  • Liquity protocol users
  • developers who would like to build on Liquity

Individual tasks:

  • find a suitable venue
  • create a poster and a simple web presentation
  • find speakers
  • promote the event on social media
  • create promotional materials (rollups, stickers…)
  • arrange small catering

5. Timeline

  • April 2023: finding a suitable venue, creating a website, announcing the conference
  • May 2023: finalisation of the schedule and speakers
  • Jun 2023: the conference itself

6. Dependencies

We need to find suitable speakers or panelist from among Liquity fans and contributors.

7. Ask & Payment

I am requesting 2500 LUSD to cover basic expenses (venue rental, printing of promotional materials, and basic catering). Most of the human labor for the event will be done by volunteers.

Ethereum wallet (mainnet): 0x2f40E505A3Eb96EaDb94041EaC90CAe3662CEf86 

The money will be held by the non-profit UTXO Foundation, which will provide legal backing.

8. References & Useful Links

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Hey tree, I have a few Qs regarding Prague Blockchain.

Timeline, since the event will take the first week of June and this proposal will at the very best be approved and payed end of April, is 30 days enough time to

Because your own timeline included actions for April, are you doing those actions even if this grant gets delayed for whatever reason?

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Hi @Netrim, I just had a call with @tree , I’ll probably take care over the conference.

As for 30 days, I think its enough.
If it takes longer than that we should be able to handle it too, but only if we know 100% that we will get the funds, I think that if there is a really big problem and you can’t deliver the funds before the conference we should be able to use funds from BohemianDAO

The issue is timing, which is why I raised it. This new proposal would go into a vote in late April and be paid (if passed) mid May. I am concerned about how you will manage that timeline and/or have alternative funding in place.

I think it will be fine, and alternative funding won’t be a problem if you don’t manage to deliver the funding on time.

Hello and thanks for this question. My intention is to build the event from the bottom up - if funding will be not available, then we can do the event as a simple meetup at minimal cost (smaller venue, no catering or branding). If we get this grant, we can do it in full swing and it can have a much bigger impact. If there will be more money, we can scale it up further.

Here’s a specific breakdown:

  • Venue - I’m also the main coordinator of the whole Prague Blockchain Week, where we have some smaller spaces that could be used for free if the worst happens
  • Web presentation, poster, registration - This won’t cost almost nothing, we can do it on our own
  • Promotion of the event - as I said, I am the coordinator of the whole PBW and at the same time we have the Gwei.cz community through which we can promote it for free
  • Catering + on-site promotion materials - this can be arranged within 1-2 weeks before event without any problems
  • Find speakers - this is probably the most tricky part, because we have to attract visitors and speakers to Prague somehow. If we are not sure in what comfort we can do the event, it will be a slight complication, but I think the people in the ethereum are ready to improvise

I hope I’ve answered your concerns sufficiently.

Thanks @jiricepelka for joining - he is a member of our Gwei.cz community who offered a helping hand with this event. He’d handle the production part, with me supervising.

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I love Liquity, and as a PBW coordinator I see a great opportunity to promote Liquity in this way - paying for some sponsorship at ETHPrague/DeFi Summit or other big event would cost a minimum of $5-10k and the benefits are minimal.

This is a lowcost way and a way for Liquity to show that it cares about the community.

Imagine a Liquity event alongside these other events :blush:

@jiricepelka @tree can you DM me on Discord?