LQIP-10 - Educational Awareness Campaign for Liquity in South-East Asia - [7500 LUSD]

0. Proposal title: number and asked LUSD budget

Liquity Educational Awareness Campaign in South-East Asia | We are looking for a total grant of $7.5k in $LUSD

1. Goals

India is one of the fastest growing countries in terms of Crypto adoption. We are seeing a massive surge of DeFi users and crypto enthusiasts participating, onto DeFi protocols & DeFi earning platforms. This makes it the perfect time to direct these interests within the community. Our goal is to create an Educational video explainer & tutorial series aimed to create awareness about Liquity & the ecosystem within the Indian and southeast asian community to bring active borrowers, stakers onto liquity.

The goal is to increase traction and awareness about Liquity & its features in the Indian crypto community: Onboarding users in the ecosystem, new stakers, borrowers and creating educational awareness about the advantages & unique features of liquity. Cultivating a connection of the Indian community with the Liquity.

To meet our purpose, we will focus actively to increase brand visibility through cross channel quality content creation and distribution along with webinar meetup sessions amongst DeFi users.

2. Benefit & Impact

We definitely believe & looking to create a long-term asset for Liquity through our educational campaigns.

  • Keeping the vision in mind of regular campaigns & providing the quality education to motivate the masses to use Liquity is our main goal.
  • The content created can be used as helping videos to get through for the users who want to use Liquity staking, borrowing & onboarding guides for ecosystem projects (with tutorials on all live dApps & frontends)
  • Key KPIs to be achieved with the campaign: 15.0 million views on content related to Liquity and 25 million+ impressions of the entire campaign.
  • We are looking to attract more than 1500+ users on liquity dApp.
  • To bring an active user base & increase active transactions on the dApp.
  • To attract potential borrowers and stakers on Liquity.

3. Context & Planning

Finstreet is offering the following to kick start the dedicated campaign for Liquity, this campaign will include :

  1. 4 Product Explainer & Tutorial Videos explaining the History and Background of Liquity. How to use liquidity dApp on popular frontends including How to deposit, Borrow, Payback & withdraw. Tutorials on How to earn with Liquity - by staking & by participating in the stability pools.
  2. Product Review Video showing all the advantages & merits of Liquity over other Borrowing protocols such as 0% interest, 110% over collateralized loans, 3rd party interfaces and more.
  3. 3 Dedicated news updates (Biweekly basis)
  4. News Banners for 1 month in all the videos with best use cases (approx in 100+ videos on Finstreet channel)
  5. 5 engaging themed short videos each posted on all platforms (5*4 = 20 videos) to create awareness around Liquity (alternate days of a week).
  6. AMA sessions with the people behind Liquity. AMA will be conducted based on Liquity community members’ availability.
  7. Webinar meet-ups in top Web3 communities & Finance clubs connecting interested investors & stakers with Liquity & telling them the benefits of getting onboarded on Liquity.

4. Scope & Deliverables

  • Introducing Liquity to the potential new users & investors, educating users about the Liquity dApp. India has one of the highest crypto adoption rates which makes this a great opportunity for organic growth. Our campaign will introduce and bring more users from the Indian Crypto community onto Liquity app for borrowing & staking with $LQTY
  • Organizing dedicated sessions & webinars to attract stakers & borrowers onto Liquity…
  • Educate people about the Liquity application & its features with the use cases e.g. Borrowings, Staking benefits & rewards.
  • To increase participation into Stability Pool and Liquidations, Redemptions and LUSD Price Stability, LQTY Rewards and Distribution, LQTY Staking
  • Tell the benefits of Liquity like- Interest-free Borrowing, multiple 3rd-party-frontends, Censorship Resistant, 110% Collateral Ratio, Efficient Liquidations, Redeemable Stable coin, Governance Free, Incentives for Stability Providers, Incentives for Stakers.
  • Create Brand awareness among the Indian crypto community.
  • Detailed introduction of the Liquity.
  • Regular coverage on any new feature launch on Liquity.
  • Help in creating strong brand recall value amongst the DeFi and crypto community.
  • Rank Liquity videos organically on YouTube using both long-tail and short-tail keywords to reflect the campaign in global searches and keywords, below are some keywords based on our implemented strategies for which we brought results on YouTube’s first page for our partners:
  1. Top DEXes in Crypto
  2. Tether Explained in Hindi
  3. WazirX
  4. WazirX Review
  5. Derivative exchanges in India
  6. Best decentralized exchanges in crypto
  7. Best Crypto exchanges in India
  8. Best Crypto app in India & many more
  9. Top Blockchain Projects India
  10. Top Blockchain Projects in Crypto

Similar traction we aim to bring towards the Liquity dApp with our campaign videos & dedicated sessions organically.

Deliverables : Liquity Campaign Video Series will include the following video format:

  1. Daily Crypto News
  2. Review videos
  3. Interviews with core committee members
  4. New updates videos
  5. Explainers on Omnichain layer
  6. Tutorials & use cases videos
  7. Webinar sessions

Liquity Webinar Meet-ups, Investors and DeFi Users Meet-ups in top web3 communities & finance clubs to onboard potential users onto Liquity dApp.

5. Timeline

The campaign will be 2.5 - 3 Months long.The Liquity community members will be given a content calendar within a week of confirmation of the campaign. The date and Time of each video will be mentioned and the community members will be notified 1.5 weeks before the Webinar sessions, to finalize speakers from the Liquity community members and feasibility of time and date.

  1. We want to start our campaign by creating a buzz around the use cases of Liquity through short videos on our short video platforms to reach a broader demographic.
  2. After the publication of 2 short Videos, we will start our YouTube campaign with Product 2 Tutorial videos. After which we conduct our 1st AMA session.
  3. After the completion of the 1st AMA, we will be posting 1 Review Video, Final Product Tutorial Video and 2 short videos, before we conduct the 2nd AMA.
  4. Finally, we will complete the campaign with 1 Ranking video and 1 Short Video.

6. Dependencies

There is no third party dependency with our proposal. We will be managing the research, production & distribution onto different channels.

7. Ask & Payment

Ethereum Wallet - 0xB7d04eC2BeeEe0a287Ce2f7bE469929Ff5D5C9bE

Budget: We are looking for a total grant of $7.5k

Milestone 1: Our request is 2.5k at the start of the process.

Milestone 2: Next tranche of 2.5k after 3 tutorials + reviews on the platforms, 4 short videos are published on respective platforms and 1 webinar session with investors & stakers.

Milestone 3: Completion of all the deliverables next 2.5k

Budget Breakdown

We are Aiming for the campaign to last 3 Months.

Funds from the grant will be used in the following activities:

A) Cost of the following activities:

  1. Research of the content
  2. Designing the creatives
  3. Content architecture
  4. Video Content Production
  5. Quality Assurance
  6. Quarterly reports

B) Setup cost

  1. Monthly Infrastructure cost.
  2. Miscellaneous operational expenses.

8. References & Useful Links

Results of our recent collaborations:

  • We were able to garner more than 7800+ active users & 25 million+ impressions for WazirX in the last 6 months.
  • We are able to get 3800+ signups over Huobi Global with our campaign in just 3 months.

Here are the links :

Along with this, we have partnered with AAVE, Polygon(Matic), Near Protocol, Algorand, FIRO, Balancer, Bancor, Zcash, Huobi Global, Deribit & more such projects.

We have been announced as Official Educational Partner of platforms like: Algorand, Firo and official community supporter of Polygon and Chainlink.


Social Channels: Finstreet Social Channels | Linktree

Website: https://finstreet.in

The track of all the content will be updated regularly for the team in the content calendar (excel sheet), that we will be sharing before starting the campaign.


Hey Pallavi, good to have you here.

Your ask is above the March budget which is 7500. You will need to adjust it before anything else can happen.

How do you measure this? Can it be independently verified?

You only mention Algorand with an actual link. Where can this claims be verified?

Hi @Netrim,

Thank you for your reply.

As per your suggestions, we have revised the ask and deliverables.

We will put tracking links to measure the performances. We will achieve this combined reach & impressions within 3 months & these can be verified, we will be sharing the monthly reports as well for that of the campaign performance.

For Firo you can find here - Firo Partners with Finstreet, India’s Largest Crypto Education Platform | Firo - Privacy-preserving cryptocurrency

Sharing few of the screenshots here of our campaign performance as testimonials of these projects -

Do let me know in case of need for any specific information.

I was actually looking for verifiable sources for the partnership claims. Screenshots are not enough and I am not familiar with your
platform to even begin researching it.

Hello @Netrim

Actually many of the confirmations to run the educational campaign we have received on the emails or telegram instead of open forums.

Also I am sharing links of few more forums here -

Also, if you are in touch with any team members of the projects we mentioned above, feel free to verify our collaborations with them.

If you need any other specific information to do the research, we would be happy to share it with you. Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @Netrim,

I hope you are having a good day,

Can you please review the above information we have shared in the message.

Looking forward to your response and I am happy to share more details in case you need it for the review.

Thank you,


Thank you for participating, voting has closed and your proposal has not passed.

You can always present a new proposal in the next cycle.
I do recommend you gather feedback from users on discord on how to maximize your chances to be selected.