LQIP-1 – Ambassador for Liquifrens and help bootstrap the program [1500 LUSD]

LQIP-1 – Ambassador for Liquifrens and help bootstrap the program [1500 LUSD]

1. Goals

Hire an ambassador who helps to make the Liquifrens program a success and get the most out of the monthly budget for the community

2. Benefit & Impact

An ambassador will

  • increase awareness of the program
  • facilitate a healthy community discussion to identify the best opportunities
  • ensure qualitative proposals
  • follow up on snapshot process

3. Context

Bootstrapping a community is hard work and does not happen overnight and by chance.

My goal as an ambassador is to make Liquifrens a success. I will help foster constructive discussions that align with the values of the Liquity ecosystem.

I want to ensure that we attract the right contributors to the program and maintain an engaged community.

Without an ambassador we might not end up with the quality of proposals & contributors we would like to see.

4. Scope & Deliverables

In my role as an ambassador I will devote 8-10h per week to

  • Moderate: answer questions from users and make sure we have constructive discussions
  • Support: help users to increase the quality of their proposal and ensure adherence to the proposal framework
  • Promote: help spread the word, attract great contributors, and foster ideation of new proposals
  • Facilitate the process: define clear timeline, ensure communication of the timeline to LiquiFrens on social media, set up Snapshot vote

5. Timeline

The proposed budget will cover my work from February to April 2022

6. Dependencies

I will need the proper permissions for Discourse and Snapshot

7. Ask & Payment

1500 LUSD will be allocated for the position which will be paid at the start of the current period

8. References & Useful Links




Netrim in not so many words:
No technical background, just a passion for crypto technology as a way to achieve financial autonomy and closing the information gap one post at a time.


For everyone who doesn’t know, Netrim has been a pretty hardcore advocate of Liquity in the LATAM community. Introducing many, such as myself. 1500 LUSD for 3 months of your work sounds reasonable. Highly encourage everyone to give a go to this LQIP.